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Introducing ZuriCareline

Africa's first digital outpatient service that connects staff and their dependants to healthcare services and qualified medical personnel.

Pioneering Digital Outpatient line
Healthcare for Corporates and SMEs in Africa

Zuricare, the first digital outpatient service in Africa, has taken employee health to a new level. SMEs can now provide the benefits of insurance for their employees, including free consultations with doctors, nutritionists, and therapists. This service extends to the employees' dependents as well, giving them access to quality healthcare without the burden of cost.

Medical Proffesionals
Medical Proffesionals

Give your staff lineaccess to all-round Wellness

Zuri Care connects staff and their dependants to healthcare services and qualified medical personnel, through the powerful AI capabilities of Vera.

  • Free doctor, nutritionist And therapist consultation for staff and dependents
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  • Up to 10% off on pharmacy and lab orders with free delivery of medication
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  • Care Now Pay later scheme to help employees get loans for their medical needs
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  • Employees can add 3 dependents

Experience the best healthcare lineon demand


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Effortlessly reachable via WhatsApp, our services provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, ensuring convenient access to essential healthcare resources with just a few taps on your device.

Cost Effective

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Offered at no charge, this provision not only ensures accessibility but also proves to be a cost-effective solution for the staff, contributing to their overall well-being without imposing financial burdens.


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Confidential and secure, allowing staff to seek healthcare services without fear of stigma or discrimination.


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Provides prompt healthcare services, which is essential for staff with limited time due to work commitments.

Enrolment in Zuri
Care has improved
clinical outcomes for
corporates all across Africa



Outpatient services rendered across 4 countries


Reduction in sick leave applications for corporates and SMEs


Of members with chronic illness management reported improvement

Trusted by more than 100+ linebusinesses across Africa!

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Frequently asked questions


What is Zuri Care?

Zuri Care is a corporate service that offers your employees unlimited access to a general practitioner, nutritionist, and therapist, plus discounts on medications and tests. And the best part? All of this is accessible on WhatsApp!


Who can sign up for Zuri Care?


What is the cost of the service?


How do I access the service?


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